Officine Urbane

Officine Urbane



project [location] client [year] services
Report Scenario Regional policies for social housing [Emilia Romagna] Coonfcooperative Emilia Romagna [2009] RS *
House Project - Study on the socio-economic housing market and social housing [Reggio Emilia] Reggio Emilia's Municipality [2009] RS *
P.E.E.P. Boglioni - Urban Regeneration - [Casalgrande/RE] Casalgrande's Municipality [2011] SDF/CO
Urbanity + Rurality [Reggio Emilia] Indipendent Research [2011] RS
[Co]M-Unity:[Co]-Working, [Co]-Housing, [Co]-Living [Reggio Emilia] Indipendent Research [2012/...] RS



SDF:feasibility study


* with Caire scarl